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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Good Quotes

From Rabbi Lazer Brody, via Frum.org:

Strength is "getting cursed and spit on by someone whom you could maim with one jab if you wanted to, but opt for a smile, wish the slanderer well, and present your preservation of the peace as a gift to God."

"In a battle, when you're pinned down under intense fire, you call for an air strike as quickly and accurately as you can. You don't specify whether you want a black or a white, a religious or a secular pilot; anybody that comes to your aid is your brother. Why does civilian life have to be different?"

The longest distance in the world is "the distance between the human brain and the human heart. We can circle the world before our heart internalizes what our brain knows."

Intellectual Integrity - "Once you do your utmost to search for truth, and then you form opinions, your thought process displays intellectual integrity. The opposite - fabricating truth according to your preconceived opinions - displays intellectual corruption. A very fine line separates between intellectual corruption and outright thievery and murder." "Prejudices and preconceptions predominate in an atmosphere of cowardice and lack of truth."

"Trying to realize your potential without first having attained inner peace is like trying to thread a needle while riding on the back of a bucking bronco." And my favorite: "The human soul is that tiny spark of Godliness within each one of us. Loving one's fellow man - irregardless of race, creed, or color - is therefore synonymous to loving God."


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