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Friday, December 10, 2004

I Hate Conclusions

I enjoy writing, and I like to think I am decent at it. There are two parts that are difficult to me - the starting and the finishing. And of the two, the finishing is absolutely the hardest part. How do you sum everything up in a pithy little sentence or paragraph? How do you bring a new spin to whatever you have been rambling on about for the past ten or so pages? Whenever I am trying to conclude a paper, a letter or even a blog post, I always feel a bit inept and awkward. Maybe that is what you learn when you take writing classes and become a professional writer. Maybe they teach you the secret tricks of wrapping up an article, a book or an epistle. Or maybe good writers are just born with an innate ability to conclude. (Or maybe they have to work hard at it also.) All I know is, I work and work on a paper, and I have no idea how to bring it to an end. I always feel that something is left hanging out there (I feel like there is a movie reference here, but I am not putting my finger on it at the moment). While I am capable of writing for pages and pages, that one final page is always elusive and ridiculously hesitant to be grasped by my mind and fingers. Can you tell I am currently procrastinating and struggling with the conclusion of a paper that is due imminently?


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