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Thursday, December 09, 2004

It's Not Friday Yet

This morning when my alarm went off, I got all excited.

"Yay! It's finally Friday," I thought, "I can make it through half a day more of work." (I get off early some Fridays.) After a few minutes of this motivation that didn't quite manage to get me out of bed, I realized with a sense of depression that it is not yet Friday, but only Thursday. What a disappointment.

It caused me to stay in bed for another few minutes, until I remembered that if I didn't get up right then, I would not make it to work on time, and then I would have to stay at work late, which is even worse than it being only Thursday. Okay, so Thursday isn't so bad. It is past hump day (which this week was wonderful anyway, thanks to all the sweet birthday wishes from all my friends and family). I don't have school on Thursdays, so I actually get to go home at a decent hour or even run some errands. I actually am not ready for it to be Friday yet, because I still have a paper to finish before Friday comes, and I was really depending on having my Thursday to work on it (I know, I am a procrastinator). But it is such a good feeling to turn off my alarm on Friday morning and know that I won't have to turn it back on for a couple of days. It is so nice to know that for the next few mornings, I will wake up after the sun. So this Thursday, I am mourning the fact that it is not yet Friday.

But you know what is so great about being disappointed that today is not Friday? Tomorrow, when it actually is Friday, I will appreciate it even more than I normally do.


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