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Friday, December 03, 2004

My So-Called Life Nostalgia

Ten years ago, my senior year of high school, ABC aired the show "My So-Called Life." It ran for exactly one season, enough to time to get me completely addicted and then abandon me without tying up so many loose ends that I have, since that year, continued to wonder about.

My So-Called Life revolved around Angela, who takes life and her lack thereof extremely seriously and utters the pithy phrases that, at that time of my life, seemed to wrap everything up so well - "School is a battlefield, for your heart." The show included Angela's friends, the irresponsible, trouble-making Rayanne and sweet, bisexual Ricky,

Angela's lust-interest, the incredibly leaning and not-so-deep Jordan Catalano,

(who wouldn't have a huge crush on him?) and Angela's nerdy, super-smart neighbor, Brian Krakow, among others.

What I loved about this show is that it was so real - episodes were not wrapped up in an hour, people's feelings got hurt, the characters were grappling with real dilemnas, and I could so relate. Recently, my father, who has a satellite dish with channels I have never heard of, discovered that My So-Called Life was being aired each night at 3 AM and began recording the whole season onto DVD for me. I was watching one of the angst-ridden episodes last night and it carried me back to high school with a vengeance. The episode revolved around a dance and the various confusion of trying to find someone to go with. Angela wants to go with Jordan, who hasn't even heard about the dance. Ricky wants to go with Cory, an artsy guy who likes Rayanne. Brian asks Delia, but then Angela (who he is hopelessly in love with) asks him for a ride, and he takes it to mean a lot more and so he dumps Delia for greener pastures. There was a scene where Brian tells Delia that he wants to go to the dance with Angela. Delia ends up crying in front of Brian. The emotions of the scene grip you with so much force that there is no way you don't remember the first time you had an unrequited crush. I was instantly transported back to high school, for better or worse. They don't make many shows like My So-Called Life - real, gritty and so powerful. We probably couldn't handle it if they did. Maybe that was why the show only lasted one season - not so many people want to remember what that age is like, cause it wasn't easy. But I am glad they did make it, and I am loving watching it again, and reliving that time of my life. Though I have to admit that I am glad I am beyond that age and angst, because while it is incredible to watch, it wasn't that much fun to live.


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