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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

One year older...

27 years ago today (which is Immaculate Conception Day, NOT Pearl Harbor Day - sorry, inside joke), I graced the world with my presence for the first time. My parents say I immediately began asking questions, and haven't stopped since. In the past 27 years, I have grown taller, hopefully wiser and I like to think, much more giving (though most of us are pretty selfish for our first few years). This time of year always makes me reflect back on the previous twelve months to see what I have gained in that time, whether I made the most of my 365 (or this year 366) days. The past year has brought new people into my life, a lot of new knowledge, lots of blog posts, and a few tears along the way. I hope that I have made a difference in a few people's lives, or at least made a day or two better for someone. I feel good about the past year, and the year to come. I have an eye on goals, and I am actively working towards accomplishing them. Here's to a great year ahead!


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