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Monday, December 20, 2004

Nostalgic Refrigerators

While perusing my site hits, I noticed that someone recently came across my blog by searching for "nostalgic refrigerators." I thought that was pretty apropos considering that I was just explaining to someone this past weekend that my refrigerator is my favorite thing in my apartment. I was sitting at a table with a few people and a friend of mine was trying to stress to me the importance of making and using lists (I don't believe in them). I told him that whenever I make a list I lose it anyway, so what's the point? He told me that I should clear off my refrigerator so that I would have a nice clean place to always put my list so I won't lose it. Besides the fact that if I put my list on the refrigerator I would leave it there when I needed it, I told him that I couldn't clear off my fridge - the things on it are way too important to me. Another person at the table asked me what could possibly be so important on my refrigerator. I explained to her that my fridge is covered with pictures of friends, friends' children and family. I have posted thank you notes that really touched me. I have magnets that have been given to me as gifts. I have things that remind me of inside jokes with friends of mine. My fridge is not about food - it is about the people in my life. I am not a big saver, I throw away a lot of things, don't put pictures in albums and don't usually hold on to souvenirs because I have great memories and the little mementos can't live up to the scenes in my head. But my refrigerator is about love, and the people I love, and no list in the world is worth clearing that away.


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