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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

I never thought I would be the type to go for money. I have been interviewing like crazy, and I have two really good, viable options for jobs. The first is with a Jewish organization whose mission and purpose are outstanding. They manage to combine several of my interests - Jewish heritage and history, education, archiving information. The person I would report to is extremely sharp, very knowledgable and incredibly impressive. She speaks several different languages, feels strongly about preserving Jewish heritage and knows how to make connections and work with people. She would be a tough boss, but once I got to know her, probably very good to me. The position itself would be okay, probably a bit repetitive, and would require some extra hours. I wouldn't mind the extra hours so much because I would really believe in what I was doing. I would have all the Jewish holidays off, along with getting out early on Friday during the winter, in addition to normal vacation time. The second job is with a company who beautifies New York City. In other words, they do landscaping. My boss is an interesting woman, a little spacey. The atmosphere is extremely laid-back and casual; everyone is extremely friendly, every person who walked past me said hello when I came in for the interview. The job itself would probably keep me fairly busy; there would be a variety of things to do there. It probably wouldn't require all of my brain power, but I have to save something for blogging. I wouldn't be incredibly interesting in what the company itself does, though I do support any effort to beautify New York City - I am actually very impressed by the fact that New York works so hard to preserve its patches of green. My boss is Jewish, though not observant. She is going to really like me, and be really nice to me. I would have to use my vacation time for the Jewish holidays, and work through my lunch break in order to leave early on Fridays. The first job is the organization I would really feel good about working for (though the job itself probably wouldn't be incredibly stimulating). The second one would be okay, I probably wouldn't hate it, but it definitely wouldn't feel as meaningful. Of course, the second job is offering a much higher salary. I want to say that money is unimportant, but I do have to be able to support myself. I hate making a decision based on money. I wish there wasn't such a discrepancy between the two, because I honestly would take a slightly lower salary to have a meaningful job. But my head is telling me I can't be silly, I need to go with the green. I wish money didn't matter at all. Or that the places you felt the best about could afford to pay what the others did. What would you do?


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