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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Getting Adjusted

Since I moved here, my cat has been hiding under my bed. He is a big cat, so he doesn't fit easily under the bed, but apparently that has become preferable to facing the rest of the world. I kind of know how he feels. I haven't been hiding under my bed (because I definitely wouldn't fit!) but part of me wants to just crawl into a corner and curl up in a ball all by myself. The other part of me is wandering around a bit aimlessly, needing to get out of my new apartment and explore what is around me. Except that I don't know my way around yet, so I don't know where to go. One of my new roommates showed me around a little bit yesterday. Friends have been calling to see how I am doing. I have gotten several e-mails checking up on me. I love all the contact and really thrive on it right now. For someone who needs a good bit of alone time each day, right now I am enjoying every second of interaction. I am unpacking bit by bit, putting stuff away, finding new places for things, organizing and adjusting and putting my own touches on the place. It is weird to put personal items into an apartment that I don't see as mine yet - I still feel like a guest here. I hope it will be my home soon. I am taking inventory of the positive things here - I have an actual bathtub, and the washer and dryer is full-size, rather than a mini one in the kitchen. The apartment has beautiful hardwood floors and lots of personality. That's a few things. I needed something to look forward to, so I am off to Detroit for the weekend, where I am told there are a lot of Slurpees to be had (and I am going at the right time of year for Slurpees). When I come back, it is time to make New Jersey home. Or at least stop hiding under the bed.


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