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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Wow - so much going on. Yesterday was an absolutely exhausting day. My interview went well, though it was inconclusive. But I think I impressed them when I finished the computer test they gave me 25 minutes to finish in five minutes. And it was right. I was overwhelmed by the day and the city. There is so much going on in New York, and I have a hard time processing it all at once. Tons of people walking, a million cars, trucks and buses driving, lights flashing and noises blaring all at once. This Alabama girl is not used to it. There were some highlights of my trip, though. I was on the subway and a man stood up in the middle of the ride and began belting out the song "Lean on Me." A few people gave him money afterwards, but I thought it was really cool that this man felt comfortable getting up on a subway and singing. I wish I had the guts to do that (okay, maybe not). I met a friend for lunch and then after my interview to shop and hang out. We went to a kosher restaurant that just happened to be conviently located near where I needed to be, and it was good. I managed to get where I needed to go on the subway without getting lost (at least not too lost), and back to my friend after my interview. After we did a bit of shopping, my friend and I decided to relax. We sat down in Herald Square, a little patch of stillness in the middle of all of the cars and buses zooming by. We grabbed a table, a couple of chairs, and some drinks and sat for almost two hours, catching up. We skipped from topic to topic, but managed to dig deep and try to figure out where we are and where we want to be. Relationships are always a big topic of conversation, and we explored our differences and similarities on the subject. We talked the mundane and the deep. It was so good to take time out and just sit and talk to her in the middle of such a bustling city. She took me back to where my bus was picking me up and I left the Big Apple tired, but with the memory of a good day with a friend and the feeling that I will have someone to hang out with when I am up there. Today I am tired and stressed about my move, but trying to focus on the good.


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