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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Training Day

It's amazing how you take things for granted. There are so many things that I do that I don't even think about because I have been doing them for so long. I don't register the many processes and steps one has to go through to accomplish many of the tasks that are deemed simple. And then you realize that no everything is so simple - it just seemed that way because you do it so much. I am currently training my replacement at my job. I am trying to teach her about all the things that I do on a daily basis, none of which I have to think too hard about. And I am realizing that to break down all the steps to explain exactly what I do does take thought. And that to throw all kinds of jargon and new terms at someone can be confusing. It's actually kind of interesting breaking down each task into the separate steps that I take to get something accomplished. I keep telling my trainee that she should do things the way she wants to do them - but then I keep telling her how I would do it, like it is an inside secret that is the key to being the most efficient. Who knows what she'll come up with to make things run even smoother than they do now. (Probably labeling things and putting them in some organized files would help.) It's funny, because I never really thought I would miss my job much. But having to relinquish my desk and move all my personal stuff out to give it over to a new person made me feel kind of hurt. Not anything extreme, but I felt replaceable. And a bit pushed aside. These are my emotions that don't have much basis, but I guess I liked to think of myself as indispensable. And I guess it isn't really so. I am trying to be patient with my trainee - it is a virtue, after all. And I am will keep in mind that hopefully, very shortly after my move, someone will be training me also. And feeling replaced. And I will try to be sensitive to it, because I know what it is like.


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