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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My "I Believe"

Okay, I promised you my personal "I Believe" so here it is. It's probably not as thought out as it would be if I had some real time on my hands, but I don't at the moment, and I like just flowing anyway, so here goes: I believe in dreams, and encouraging everyone to actualize their human potential, which is incredibly great. Shooting for the stars, setting your sights on colossal goals, persevering - I believe that is what has led the world to so many of the great things we have today. I believe encouragement is what keeps us going - support for dreams and a gentle push in the direction of aspirations can be the difference between man walking on the moon and man being earthbound forever. I don't believe in the word "can't" - I think individuals can do whatever they put their minds to - the mind is the most powerful creation G-d has put on the earth, and with some imagination and drive, anything can be accomplished. I believe in breaking out of boxes, of defying the odds, of fighting for all one is worth. In fighting for what you want, it is that much more meaningful, precious and dear. I believe everyone forges their own path - despite whatever obstacles are in their way. I believe in doing whatever I can to help those who are pursuing their dreams - I know I have certainly had incredible encouragement along my journey, which isn't even close to ending. Keep dreaming and chasing rainbows! What do you believe?


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