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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Because of this post, Miriam has tagged me with the RAK bug, so here goes, in no particular order: 1. I am using this post as my starting point - it gave a great feeling to both involved. 2. I made brownies for Shabbos lunch to share with everyone (and most people consider my baked goods an act of kindness - yum!). 3. I helped my friend with her children's birthday party on Sunday. 4. I helped out with a barbecue yesterday. 5. I bought my friend ice cream. I want to add an additional piece to the tag - here is a list of 5 random acts of kindness that others did for me: 1. My friend went through my computer to try to make it run better. 2. I was invited to three barbecues this weekend. 3. A new friend let me cry on her shoulder and was incredibly understanding and caring - I didn't feel embarrassed at all. 4. A friend gave me this book as a graduation gift - perfect! 5. A friend went to the mall with me and helped me look for an outfit for the weddings I have to go to in the near future. I am annoying to shop with and she didn't get frustrated with me at all! I hate tagging other people, but Annabel Lee was complaining that no one tagged her for the last one - so she's it now!


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