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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Great Divide Between Reason and Emotion

I constantly find it interesting to examine the difference in my emotions and my logic. Very often, my emotions will be running away with me, getting me all upset, while my reason is telling me that I am crazy, that I am reading a lot into very little, and that I just need to calm down. Most of the time, it is my reason that is correct. And I really do make an effort to let it guide me, because I know that getting upset at little things is silly. If I do get upset about things, it is usually temporary and I let it go fairly quickly, I don't make a scene or even share it most of the time. But why do my emotions force me to go through it at all if my reason knows better? Emotions are so powerful and can cloud judgment so much. Sometimes I wish I could just turn my emotions off and let my reason take the steering wheel. I wish I could always be clear-headed and not jump to silly conclusions or get my feelings hurt over things that aren't really there. But then there's the other side. If I didn't feel things so strongly with my emotions, then would I love as much, and care as much, and feel as much? It does sometimes hurt to feel so much, but it is also such an incredible gift to care so much about other people. And that part of me would be paralyzed if I let my intellect rule all the time. I wouldn't let so much get to me, in good and bad ways. And then I don't know if I would recognize myself. So I guess, as in all other things in life, it is important to try to strike a balance - the great balancing act between reason and emotions. Right now, I think my emotions outweigh my intellect on ocassion, but I'm okay with that. I like being able to feel.


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