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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Flattering Offer

One of the major reasons I have a blog is because I am so bored at work. Now, this hasn't been so true lately, but for a good, solid year I sat around my office, searching for things to do because I had completed everything expected of me. I went back to school because one day, while making copies, I realized that I wanted more out of a career - I wanted to care about what I was doing. And my job was great while I was in school - because I had plenty of work time to write papers, study for exams, e-mail professors and classmates, and Internet research. So, I find it very flattering, and quite interesting, considering my apathy about my position; that my boss called me into her office yesterday and asked me to reconsider my move and subsequent resignation of my position. She offered me more money, tried to persuade me to go to school here in Baltimore, and used scare tactics such as the prospect of riding the subway in New York (which doesn't bother me at all), in order to attempt to convince me to stay at my current job, and in Baltimore. It was incredibly flattering to receive such an offer. I know that I do my job well, but I was told once by a boss (who liked me very much, but was trying to make a point) that everyone is replaceable. Apparently my current boss doesn't think so. It was interesting to me that my boss and I have such different outlooks on the job I do. My boss fully understands that I have absolutely no interest in what our office does, nor will I ever care very much about the field we work in. It also sometimes amazes me how oblivious she is to my boredom at work - I once wrote an entire 10-page paper while sitting at my desk, supposedly working. And forget about blogging - no one at work knows about that one! But that doesn't matter to her - she thinks I do a good job and wants to keep me. Unfortunately for her, I think I am headed for hopefully greener pastures, graduate school with the prospect of doing something I truly care about and will find meaningful. It is very flattering to be made such an offer, to know that I am wanted, but I think I have to move on, even despite my fear of the unknown. But at least I will have a great professional reference!


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