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Friday, July 15, 2005

WOTD: Discombobulated

It has been a week. No adjective attached, because I am not sure which one would fit. I have so much running through my mind on so many levels that I can't even begin to sort things out. Therefore, my word of the day: Discombobulated. Things are moving along for my move. I have secured one of the major things needed for my new apartment, the rest will probably wait until I am there. I have a job interview scheduled for next week - wish me luck! It would great to have a job before I even get there. My reflection for the week is that it really amazes me how much a few words, a lack of words, or an inflection in voice can make a difference. In seconds, the response I receive from someone (or lack of response) changes the mood of conversation immediately and immensely. There is so much to pick up in what people say or don't say. And I have been told numerous times that others can't pick up on my inflections in many cases. Interesting. A friend was telling me about a random and slightly bizarre incident that happened to her the other day. She was saying how she always seems to be the target for such random and strange occurrences. Makes life interesting, that is sure. I thought about it and said that I seem to be the target for random relationships. I manage to meet people in very unusual fashions - and collect friends here and there. When someone asks me how I know a particular individual in my life, there is usually some kind of interesting story to go along with it. I really like this fact about me, though. Because instead of all my friends being part of one insular group, I know all kinds of interesting people who I can learn so many different kinds of things from. When I am tired of being in one setting, I can call up a friend who I know from a different part of my life and step into a new zone. If variety is the spice of life, then my friends make up a whole spice rack. Okay, bad analogy means the end of this post. Have a great Shabbos!


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