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Friday, July 08, 2005

Random, Random

Just some random thoughts for today, because I don't have enough to fill a whole post on one topic (and because I like being random, it's the way my brain works): - It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...Why does the rain make us so tired and the sun makes us feel so happy and good? Is it the seritonin that is released by sunshine (I think it's seritonin)? Are we nothing but chemicals? The truth is, I am not unhappy with the rain, but I am a bit more tired than I should be considering I actually got sleep last night. - I have three weeks before I move! I don't even have an address to forward my mail to yet. I have not packed a single thing, and I have lots and lots of junk to throw away. On one hand, it makes me panic, and on the other hand, I just keep telling myself not think about it and procrastinate. Oy! Anyone want to start a list for me of all the things I need to do? (I am not at all talented in the list department, but I know a couple people who really like to make them.) - I am terrified I am going to find a job where I have to actually act and look professional. I am very good at what I do, but I manage to do it wearing denim, no shoes and purple finger nail polish. And miraculously, my boss doesn't seem to mind. I can't imagine that I will be so lucky in the future (but I am enjoying it tremendously at the moment). - People continue to surprise me. When I think I have them pretty much figured out, and pretty much know how they are going to act in specific situations, they turn around and shock me. Even when it is something that I thought was contrary to their very nature. Maybe I am just bad at figuring people out? Or maybe you can't completely figure anyone out. I know I don't want to think of myself as easy to comprehend, maybe I shouldn't assume that others are also. - I have decided that this summer is about having fun before I start school again, because I have not had enough fun in the past two years, and I finally have a summer to enjoy. Any suggestions? Have a wonderful Shabbos to all my Jewish readers and a great weekend to everyone else!


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