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Monday, August 08, 2005

Back from Detroit

I am back in New Jersey after a weekend in Detroit where I managed to not get a Slurpee (but did enjoy some good pizza). I stayed with a friend and her family. They welcomed me with open arms, tons of food and a warm home. I have been feeling a bit off ever since my move, and my friend was there to support every minute of the weekend, with thoughtful words, hugs and just taking care of me. I have to admit to being a bit jealous of my friend and her relationship with her very close-knit, supportive family. She has a very large family, and they have an incredible relationship. Her parents are really amazing; they have encouraged their children to explore the avenues that they find interesting. They have a vast knowledge base that they love to share, and they value learning and seeking. They are unafraid of those different from them, and as my friend told me several times, they look at the whole person, not just the externals, a lesson that my friend has learned from them and teaches others on a regular basis. They teach their children to think and to dare to be themselves. In turn, their children show them an amazing amount of respect. I told my friend that I was very inspired by the way I saw her interacting with her parents. She told me that some parents make it easy to respect them. My weekend with my friend and her family gave me the push to want to work harder on myself, which is a feeling that I have been lacking lately. I just hope I can make that inspiration last.


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