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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Everything Comes Back to Haunt Me

It is so interesting to me how everything in life just seems to revolve around and come back again. This time of the year it is especially noticable - we are again celebrating the same holidays, we will be start back at the beginning of the Torah in a few weeks, and a New Year is always a time for starting over. But I am talking about something a bit different. I was thinking today about some of the things that I have really been struggling with lately. They are issues that I have dealt with in the past, that subsided for a while, and are now back again. For the past year or so, I thought I got over and above some of my struggles. I focused on other things, I worked on myself, I really became a different (and hopefully better) person. But the same struggles are back again. I like to think that I am dealing with these struggles in a more constructive, healthier way now. I try to tell myself that I am working on a slightly higher plane than I used to be, that it takes more to get me upset and throw me off these days. But I am still fighting the same demons. I don't think I am unique, I think a lot of people out there probably fight their own struggles over and over as well. And from reading the blogs out there, and talking to friends, I think a lot of people are having the same struggles I am, and while I don't wish for anyone to have to fight battles, I do take some comfort in knowing that these things are not difficult just for me. I wonder sometimes if I will ever overcome these same hurdles. Or if they will continue to come back to haunt me.


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