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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Personal Growth Through Pushing Your Limits

I am taking a class on stress management, and while actually doing my assigned reading, I came across a story of a woman who endured many challenges and managed to come away from them a much stronger person. She entitled her story, "Personal Growth Through Pushing Your Limits." She details many of her struggles and the subsequent accomplishments. What really struck me though, is something she said that I have thought over and over. That is, that the harder she had to struggle, and the more effort she had to put in to accomplish something, the more valuable and dear and important it was to her. I have always felt that when you are given something easily, it is also easy to let go of. Conversely, throughout my life, those things that I had to jump over tall hurdles to reach are also the things that have become embedded in the fabric of who I am. Those are the things that I can never let go of, that I am proudest of, and that have led me to grow the most. Challenges are incredibly difficult to overcome, but when you do, they often lead to the deepest and most influential rewards.


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