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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Grand Canyon

I was talking to a friend earlier and he told me that, as I am typing this, he is headed towards the Grand Canyon. He has had a glorious summer enjoying the scenery, meeting a wide variety of people and helping in an eye clinic in Wyoming and now he is finishing his travels with a grand tour of what I am sure is one of the most amazing, beautiful, breathtaking sights in the world. My friend was lamenting the fact that he was traveling alone - a friend was supposed to join him but wimped out when she realized that the trip was going to involve being outdoors. I was so incredibly tempted to hop on the next plane to the Grand Canyon and join him. The closest I have ever come to the Grand Canyon is seeing that incredible crack in the earth from a plane. Alas, work, money and the fact that I start school in a few days keeps me in Baltimore. I wish I could go though, because I have one thought that stays with me. The thought of praying to Hashem in the middle of the Grand Canyon. I have been having a lot of trouble staying inspired lately, and I can't imagine anything more rejuvenating for my soul than praising G-d in such a beautiful, gorgeous spot that emphasizes the magnificence of G-d's creation. I think I am going to go get a picture of it to put on the wall in front of where I daven. On a side note - I am not sure how much I will be blogging in the future. I apologize to my loyal readers (all one or two of you) if my posts become much less frequent.


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