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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Feeling Antsy

I have been feeling antsy for the past week or so. Have had that feeling that it is time to move on, do something new, get out of Baltimore, possibly for good. I have had trouble concentrating, I keep starting different books but can't get into any of them. I have just had a very unsettled feel. Last night, I was trying to explore this feeling a bit more and I think I figured out what it is - I think I miss school! I am enjoying being on break very much, and I like not having the pressure of 100 pages to read in a few days, but I feel like I have lost my focus, and I think that is something that school really gives me. It is nice to have time off, but I have gotten so used to deadlines, and assignments, and having something that I should be doing hanging over me all the time; that I am finding it difficult to not have those clearly defined goals laid out for me. By the end of the summer semester I was hoping that five weeks off would be enough for me to relax and be ready to go back to school. I wasn't sure it would be enough of a break. And like I said, I am enjoying my time off, but I have just had that vague sense that something is missing. Apparently, it is deadlines and stress and pressure. Who wants life to be boring?


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