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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tribute to a Friend

I have had many people come and go throughout my life.  When I look back at those who have made an impact on me, I can see that Hashem always sent the right person to me at the right time.  Throughout my years in becoming religious, whenever I was standing in front of a wall, not sure whether I wanted to make the effort to climb it or not, someone new came into my life at exactly the right moment who gave me not only the motivation, but the boost up over the wall. Spiritually, the past year left me questioning a lot of things.  I was introduced to new challenges, and it caused me to think hard about what I wanted out of my life.  I was at a really weak point, and Hashem once again sent someone into my life.  That person unknowingly gave me the assurance that the path I am on is the right one and the hope to continue traveling along it. This person is truly unlike any other I have met.  His view of life and the things in it always surprise me – I never know what he will say next.  He has dedicated his life to helping others, though he keeps his identity disguised to ensure the dignity of those he helps.  He puts great consideration into every detail when honoring those he is helping, so they truly feel special and cherished, rather than pitied and shamed.  In his daily life, he often sacrifices his own enjoyment for those he cares about, and he is left with little that he does just for himself.  In exchange for the great caring that he gives to others, he gets little in return, and is often left feeling alone.  He does all of this with an incredibly joyous attitude, with constant gratitude to Hashem. I am fortunate to have become friends with this person.  He has inspired me and taught me a tremendous deal.  I initially thought he was coming into my life for a specific reason, but I see now that he had a very different purpose.  I am sad because I am not sure how long he will stay a part of life, but I do know that he has made an impact I will never forget, and in that way, he will never leave me.


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