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Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Mind as a VCR

Sometimes I wish my mind worked like a VCR.  If I didn't feel like dealing with something when it came up, I could pause it and handle it later.  The Record button would be great for memorializing conversations and I could use Rewind when I want to go back and prove to someone what they said in the past that they are currently denying.  The two buttons I would like the most though, are the Fast Forward button and the Power button. I think most people wish they could have a Fast Forward button.  It would be so great to know what is going to happen, it would probably alleviate a lot of stress in waiting to find out so many things.  I would love to know when certain things in my life would occur, because then I could stop wondering IF they are going to occur.  But I see why that is not possible, because if we can take a peek at everything that is going to happen, it would be harder to strive for growth.  And of course free will would be all messed up (but I am not going to start with that one here). But what I personally would really like is a Power button.  I often feel like my brain is working overtime, that I think way too much.  I would really love to have the preference of saying to myself, "Ok, enough thinking for today, time to turn off."  And I could just turn it off and not think anymore.  I think I would even be willing to give up some interaction time to have more non-thinking, sleep-like time (even when I am sleeping, my overactive brain creeps into my dreams, so sleep isn't really an off time).  I know I wouldn't be the same person if I could just shut off my brain, and I wonder if I would abuse that power by not giving myself enough time to think.  But really, sometimes it would just be nice to have a rest. If anyone manages to develop a way to transition a brain in to a VCR, will you please let me know so I can be the first in line for one?


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