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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Being Unique

Yudel's response to my comments below: It's a fact of life that we, the Jewish people, are the "am hanivchar," the chosen people. However much the Western tradition clamors to extol the virtues of Equality, we know better than to believe that everything is equal. G-d created the world. He created animate and inanimate objects. He created vegetative objects and animal creatures. He created the animal kingdom and He created man, endowing him with speech and the ability to reason. Among men, He chose Israel and conferred upon it a distinct historical destiny. Within the Jewish people, He separated out the kohanim, the priestly class, giving them exclusive privileges vis a vis the performance of holy service. The world is very much hierarchically arranged; it is the way it is meant to be. Perhaps it is intended to reflect the ultimate division of stature: that between the Creator and the created. However much we managed to equalize things, people, etc on this earth, this transcendental "inequality" would always remain elusive, untouchable. It's a fact of life! The Jewish people have been endowed with an unmatched Divine identity. Actualizing it is the truest fulfillment of liberation. For this reason, no one but a Jew can claim this form of freedom for himself. It's life - whose secrets are so deep. May we merit to live and to understand. I like what he says above. I definitely can look around at the people I know and acknowledge that each of us has our unique gifts and potentials to actualize. And I think it would be a disaster to say that everyone is exactly the same and should aim for the same goal and destiny - to do so would be to ignore the amazing gifts that Hashem individually gives to each of us. Thank you again, Yudel, for your response! May each of us merit to recognize and fulfill our unique destinies!


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