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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

City of Angels

No, I'm not going to Los Angeles (that is a place I actually have very little interest ever visiting again - long story). At the suggestion of a friend, I rented the video City of Angels this past week with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan, and I definitely think it is worth watching for those who don't like all their movies to be the same. I am not the hugest fan of Nicholas Cage, but in City of Angels, he really steps up and portrays an angel in all his celestial light. His eyes speak novels, as do Meg Ryan's. In general, I think both characters portray that part of life that you feel even when you can't explain why; that feeling of being drawn to another for reasons unknown. The lesson I liked best about the movie is that you should always appreciate every second you have, and that you should not regret your decisions, no matter the outcome. The soundtrack really added a lot, and the cinematography was absolutely beautiful. It was definitely an aesthetically pleasing movie, despite Dennis Franz in a supporting role. My only warning is if you are not looking to cry, don't watch this one.


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