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Monday, May 17, 2004

You Get What You Give

There has been a lot of hype over the past week about wigs made with Indian hair and how Jewish women should not be wearing them because the Indian women cut their hair off in an act of avodah zara (idol worship). Regular wig-wearers have been frantic trying to figure out whether their wigs are made with Indian hair, rumors have been flying, and there has been major commotion made about this situation. I was told that some rabbeim are saying that if your wig comes from a non-Jewish source, then you can not trust that they are telling the truth about that hair not being Indian. You should assume that the non-Jew is lying and you are not allowed to wear that wig. If the source is a Jewish one, then it is fine to trust them. I have a major problem with this. It makes me start to understand why the world hates Jews. If we look at everyone else with suspicion, why should they not look at us with the same suspicion? I have heard many times that you should always be careful about accusing someone of a flaw, because when you point with one finger, you have four fingers pointing back at yourself. I don't blame Jews for Anti-Semitism, and I definitely don't in any way justify the atrocious acts throughout history which so many nations have used to pour their wrath upon the Jews. But I have to think that in some ways, we make the situation worse for ourselves. I have sat at many tables where I am embarrassed to listen to the beratement and negativity thrown toward non-Jews as a lump group not distinguished individually in any way. And I have to wonder why the rest of the world shouldn't do the same to us. I often see Jews assuming the worst about those we don't even put an effort into finding out about. What right do we then have to expect that those same people should give us the benefit of the doubt, or put any effort into finding our positive traits? I believe that you should strive to give as much or more as your expect from others. And I think that the attitude that one personally exudes in turn is reflected back. I would rather people not assume the worst of me, so I want to strive for the same about others.


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