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Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Sometimes I wish I cared a lot less about doing what is right. I also wish people wouldn't tell me about their ethical dilemnas, subsequently making me a part of them, though I guess I should feel honored that these people trust me enough to talk to me. I wish I knew where to draw the line between what is an okay breach of ethics and what isn't. But I have a feeling that the line doesn't really exist, that you have to take each case on a step-by-step basis. I am glad that I have people who I can trust to talk to and advise tell me as to what is the right thing to do with these issues. But unfortunately, having an answer and coming to a decision about how to act doesn't necessarily make things feel better, it only outlines the action that I am planning on taking. I guess that's life.


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