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Isn't it pretty?

Friday, April 30, 2004


Ugh - does work ever get interesting? Apparently not on a beautiful Friday when all I want is to be outside, basking in the sun. Oh well, got to pay the bills somehow. It was suggested that I write about my experiences growing up Jewish in the South. And I think it is a great suggestion. That will begin next week. I don't think I can coherently put together a serious post today (and I have my final paper of the semester looming over my head). As for my final paper of the semester (I can't beleive it's almost over already), I am writing a book critique of Fire in a Canebrake by Laura Wexler - it is the story of the "Last Mass Lynching in America." It was incredibly well-written, and brought a lot of poignant topics that struck me especially strongly, with the story having occurred in Georgia, another one of those states that I have lived in (there are probably a few I haven't yet mentioned). Anyway, as Shabbos is coming in a few hours, and I am looking forward to actually co-hosting a meal of my own tonight, I want to wish everyone a good Shabbos. And to Greg and Peninah, who are having me for Shabbos lunch tomorrow - I can't wait!


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