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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


My class for the summer semester is a required course titled "Ethics for Business and Society." I have some issues with taking a class geared towards business majors, because I feel that ethics in Psychology has a completely different focus than business. But I am required to take it (that's what I get for going to the "Career-Minded University"), and I want to graduate, so there you go. Last night we were trying to determine exactly what ethics are, and if there is a difference between morals and ethics. From the examples people in my class gave, it is going to be an interesting semester. Predominantly business and computer science majors, my classmates have a slightly different outlook on many things than I do. I look forward to the opportunity to hash out my thoughts on many controversial topics that we are going to be discussing - I think the conversations are going to be interesting and probably the topic of a few blog posts. Stay tuned.


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