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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Random Acts of Kindness

I was in line in a store this morning on my way to work, running a bit late. An elderly black man in front of me turned around and offered me his place in line. He told me that he was not heading to work so he wasn't in a hurry like everyone else. As I waited on my order, I watched him do the same thing for several other customers. It wasn't such a big thing to do, but it really showed so much thoughtfulness. Instead of worrying about getting ahead or getting through a few minutes quicker, this man was more concerned about easing someone else's daily stress. I think these small acts, if everyone put effort into making them part of their daily routine, would go such an incredibly long way in fostering love and unity throughout communities. I thanked the man several times for letting me in front of him, but more than saving me a few minutes of time, I really appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness he showed his fellow human being. He inspired me!


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