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Sunday, August 01, 2004

What a Difference a Year Makes

Today this blog is one year old. I am always amazed when I look back a year and see how quickly it has gone and (hopefully) how much has been accomplished. I feel like my life has really changed in this past year. I started school, I've made new friends, I've changed my life plans about 564 times (and they are still up in the air), and I like to think that I have become a more well-rounded, confident, knowledgeable person. I started this blog specifically as a place for me to get my thoughts out, not really expecting anyone else to ever read it. It has evolved over the year into a place where I share with others my opinions, hone and improve my writing, and get my thoughts out. Through this blog, I have met other bloggers, made some friends, possibly some enemies, and even encouraged someone else to start their own blog. I have comments now, and actually have commenters on occasion. I have discovered that I really enjoy writing, really love having the outlet to express my thoughts, and I have fun with the challenge of forcing myself to pin down how I feel about the topics I write about. What I think I like best about having my blog is that I feel connected to others through it. It is a special community of those who write and read blogs. I have heard from people who I would never have connected with otherwise, and found that there are people out there who share my thoughts on many topics. So here's to a great first year, and hopefully more to come!


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