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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Edwin McCain

I have been working on broadening my musical horizons, so I recently bought Edwin McCain's latest CD entitled "Scream and Whisper." I have been humming this song all morning: Shooting Stars We keep our love in a plain brown box We keep it tied with a simple lock We hold it close 'cause it's all we got We think it's ordinary but it's not In a world that's starting to fade A little love could pave the way Don't keep it tied with the simple lock You think it's ordinary but it's not Chorus: Maybe this life is just a bout love and tenderness If all we are, are shooting stars Maybe we, we can fight All of this pain and lonliness if All we are, are shooting stars Tired of hearing 'bout the bling-bling We're so concered with material things It's all cars and diamond rings And do you think it's going to ease your sting Cause that's a hole that you can't fill Velvet rope overkill Free your mind let your hear sing And just remember that they're only things (Chorus) I used to live by the minute I was tooo blind to see Now I've found the strength to admit it Now it's all I believe Please (Chorus)


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