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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back to School

I started back to school yesterday. It was something I had been dreading, after having a not-long-enough break after my summer classes. The contrast to a year ago was so interesting. One year ago I started going back to school after a long break (long being years, not months). Last year I walked in not knowing anyone, dreading the amount of work I would have to do, not having any idea what I was getting myself in for. This year I walked in and saw old friends, spent the time before class catching up with people I hadn't seen since the end of the spring semester. I still dread the amount of work I am going to have to complete in the next four months, but at least I know what to expect now. I now know what it is like to write a paper, have an incredible amount of reading to do in a very short amount of time. It is familiar, and comfortable. The classes I am taking this semester are not my favorites, but even so, I took a step out of class yesterday and realized something. I love it. I love being in a learning environment, in a place that's purpose is to make you think. I love learning about new things, and exposing myself to new people. I love the exchange of ideas, and the widening of horizons. I love school. The moment I realized this, I also realized that my quest to be a teacher is a good one. If I can surround myself by learning for the rest of my life, I really think I will be happy.


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