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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Motivation of Being Dizzy

It is amazing what will get you motivated to get things done. I'm having a very off day. This morning I was encountered with a horrible dizzy spell. Every time I moved, my head went spinning. It was kind of scary.

However, this dizzy spell gave me the motivation do the following things that I have been meaning to do for a long time: Get a doctor. (Okay, so of course she can't see me until 3 months from now, but now I can placate my mom by telling her that I have one.) In consulting with a co-worker who deemed my dizzy spell a result of having too many things on my to-do list (well, if I had a list, which she keeps encouraging me to start, though I keep telling her I am NOT a list person), I finally took care of two phone calls that I have been meaning to make for weeks, and I finally remembered to request a transcript so I can graduate when I want to. I did attempt to send my transcript request without an address on the envelope, though I am going to blame that one on the lingering effects of my dizzy spell. So now my to-do list (or non-list) has been pared down and I have a doctor so I can get sick after three months from now. I still have a ridiculous amount of school work to do, but for that I have a plan of action (consisting basically of actually spending time doing the work). I am no longer dizzy, though still a bit dazed, but I feel better that I actually accomplished a few things today that I have been meaning to take care of for so long. It is amazing what will motivate me to get things done.


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