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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Letter to Myself (the other side)

Okay, here is a letter to myself in 10 years from now. It's really incredible to think about what might be in store for my life in the future. And kind of scary. It's also a lot harder to write this letter, because I don't know what is going to happen and what advice I need to get there. But here goes anyway. Dear Me - 37 - wow! How did you get so old? I hope you are still young at heart, and refusing to grow up, because I don't know if I will recognize you otherwise. I assume you managed to find the right one and are married now, probably with a few kids. Don't forget the struggle that you went through to get there, and support those singles you know who haven't managed to do so. Maybe you can even be an inspiration to someone out there who wants to get married and is having trouble. And do everything in your power to help those who are still single, whether it is setting them up, giving them chizzuk or just being a friend. How is married life? I hope you appreciate your husband and let him know that on a regular basis. I hope you also make sure to nurture yourself as an individual (though for some reason I don't think that will be an issue!). Also make sure to work on your relationship, to give in, to be a little less stubborn at times. It is about working together to achieve goals, not doing everything on your own. Two people together can accomplish more than one, use that to your advantage. As far as parenting goes, I wish you luck! Make sure to give each of your children the individual attention that they need. Also make sure to recognize each child's specific talents and desires and nurture those things in each of them. Make each of your children feel special, hang their paintings or awards or whatever is important to them in privileged spots on your walls and fridge and don't be hard on them - be supportive. Even if their strengths are not your strengths, it's okay. And try not to embarrass them too much (I know a little bit is inevitable). Are you really a school counselor now? If you aren't, I hope it is due to the fact that you decided to study neuropsychology, or literature, or philosophy, or whatever other interest you came across on your journey. I hope whatever you are doing, you are increasing your knowledge, helping others and living a meaningful, fulfilling life. You worked hard enough when you were younger - you deserve it. I hope you take time out for yourself, and spoil yourself sometimes. I hope you eat ice cream out of the carton, and encourage your children to do the same after a hard day. I hope you still read great books, and have people to discuss them with. I hope you are still working hard on keeping your spirituality and connection with Hashem strong - you always feel better about yourself when you do. I hope you remember where you came from and those values you grew up with, no matter where you live today. Taking time for others is never a waste of time. I hope you have learned many lessons and grown so much and try to deal with your struggles with equanimity. I hope you still have some of the same friends that you had 10 years ago, and you have grown with them. I hope you still have this blog so you can look back on this letter and read it. And say to yourself, "Wow, I really have changed and come a long way." Enjoy life! Sincerely, Shoshana at 27


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