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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Welcome NIMH

Last night, I welcomed NIMH into my home. Okay, maybe it wasn't the real NIMH (actually I really hope not), but last night my cat, my roommate and I found a little white mouse surreptitiously hanging out behind my refrigerator. Because I like naming things, I decided his name would be NIMH. (In case you don't know what NIMH is, there was a Disney movie about mice that were experimented on by the National Institute of Mental Health. These mice went on to have some amazing powers from the experiments that were performed on them.) I was always fascinated by Mrs. Brisby and Nicodemus, but I didn't think I would actually get the opportunity, nor did I especially desire, to meet them in my own home. Fortunately, the NIMH that entered my home was devoid of supernatural powers - he was just a sweet, very scared white mouse that probably didn't want to be in my apartment very much. I take full responsibility for the appearance of NIMH. For some reason, weird things like this happen to me. When I lived in Atlanta, not once but twice, flying squirrels decided to take their layovers in my apartment. Those were fun adventures. Especially the one that decided to start screeching at 3 am to be allowed to return to flight. I helped it get it's running start by opening the front door wide and nudging it toward the great outdoors. Unfortunately, NIMH was too scared to flee. Like a deer in headlights, NIMH froze in the face of me and my cat (who was subsequently locked in my bedroom in order to not be more of a menace to NIMH than was necessary). But then he managed to hide behind the cabinet and I couldn't manage to convince him to come out. So NIMH was the honored guest of the evening. Rarely have we had such a small guest. I hope he manages to make his way back home safely.


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