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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Positive Thinking

In general, I find New York to be a bit overwhelming and I have to admit that I am not sure how long I am going to be able to spend most of my time there. But in an effort to focus on the positive, I thought I would throw out the following: - I have not yet gotten completely lost. - The public transportation is nice. I make much better use of my time to and from work while on the bus than I ever did while driving. It has given me the opportunity to start davening again, to get a lot of reading done, and I even studied on my way to work this morning. I wasn't able to do any of that while behind the wheel of my car. - I really like Port Authority Bus Terminal. This morning I decided I desperately need a belt to complete my outfit (and to keep my skirt on). So at 7:30 when I got off the bus, I descended upon the clothing store inside the bus station and in minutes found not only a belt but a scarf for my hair that matched my shirt perfectly. Never in Baltimore would I have found such convenient accessories so early in the morning. The bus station also boasts a post office, Radio Shack, drug store, coffee galore and many other necessities of life. If I ever become homeless, I am moving in. - I feel very free in the city to be myself. I don't feel at all self-conscious because no matter what I do in the city, there is someone doing something weirder. I used to get looks and comments while sunbathing (fully-clothed of course) at Baltimore's Inner Harbor (what do people think those grassy hills are there for anyway?) or for wearing purple finger nail polish (it matched my shirt). I walked past several men dressed as Elvis singing in Times Square today - that is definitely more of a sight than anything I could think up. It is quite freeing, and I have to admit that I feel myself branching out into a bit more funky day by day. It is fun. - There is a lot of kosher food around. I can even get it delivered to my office if I want. That is a really nice change. Okay, that's five positive reflections on spending time in New York City. I still can't believe I am here, and spend nine hours each weekday in Manhattan. As my friend from Alabama said to me the other night, "Yeah, who would have ever thought a little country girl like you would manage in New York?" Well, for now at least, I am managing.


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