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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sevens Up

Annabel Lee tagged me for the list of sevens below: 7 things I plan to do before I die: 1. Have a family. 2. Go back to Israel. 3. Travel to Europe (and beyond). 4. Plant a garden. 5. Watch the sun set over the ocean with someone I love. 6. Go up in a hot air balloon. 7. Make a difference in someone's life. 7 things I can do: 1. Sew. 2. Bake excellent cookies. 3. Be a good friend. 4. Drive a stick shift. 5. Calculus. 6. Spell. 7. Get ready in the morning in 20 minutes. 7 things I cannot do: 1. Drive in New York City. 2. Like tomatoes. 3. Pick out a melon (or cut them). 4. Be like everyone else. 5. Deal with closed-minded people. 6. Be a nurse - I hate needles! 7. Watch the news on television - it depresses me. 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex: 1. Intelligence. 2. Beautiful eyes. 3. Kindness. 4. A quick wit. 5. Willingness to try new things. 6. A great laugh. 7. Honesty. 7 things that I say most often: 1. Do what? 2. Awww. 3. Are you kiddding me? 4. Nuh uh. 5. Y'all. 6. Absolutely. 7. Huh? 7 celebrity crushes: 1. Brad Pitt. 2. Matthew McConaughey. 3. Jake Gyllenhaal. 4. Johnny Depp. 5. Matt Damon. 6. Richard Gere. 7. Goran Visnjic. 7 people I want to do this: I hate tagging people, so anyone who wants to consider themself tagged can feel free to do so, but one legitimate tag goes to the Princess in search of a tiara.


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