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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sparkly Pens

I bought sparkly colored pens yesterday. They are so pretty - I really like them. Why is the purchase of sparkly pens significant? Because I always note the beginning of a new semester of school by buying a set of colored pens (this time they just happened to have glitter in them also). I always anticipate the beginning of a new semester. I think this is the first break from school I have had that I wasn't so bored and antsy by the end of my vacation (mainly because I filled it with big things like moving), but I am ready to start again. I am ready to learn new things, to meet new people and to start on a new path. Because this isn't just the beginning of a new semester - this is really different this time - this is a new school, a new program, and the first steps on the path of the career I have chosen, which is big. And a little bit scary. But also really exciting, and I can't wait. My classes don't start until tomorrow evening, but my sparkly pens are already in my backpack, waiting to take those first notes. Back to school, baby. I can't wait.


  • Ahhhh, glitter . . . Don’t we all love the sparkly look it gives? I know I do and I was amazed the first time I used it in combination with my rubber stamping – I think it lends a professional finish to just about anything.Needless to say, I was hooked and purchased the other 12 colors, too! The big difference in the Spica glitter pen is that the sparkle is actually made up of micro bits of glass.Since they are acid-free and archival, these pens are fabulous for your scrapbooking, writing inside your greeting cards or to add a wonderful accent to any of your papercrafting. Here, I’ve used them to accent a rubber stamped image that was colored with Copic markers. I used some corresponding colors of the Atyou glitter pens over the marker colors (lemon fruit, orange fruit and bow) and then used just the glitter pens to color in the purple and red fruit


    By Anonymous Ballpoint pens, at 8/13/08, 8:51 PM  

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