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Monday, September 19, 2005

Central Park in Pictures

I had such a beautiful day in Central Park yesterday. The weather was gorgeous, the setting was beautiful and I had good company joining me for the journey. Since a picture is worth a thousand words (something I am not sure I buy into, but oh well), here are some pictures of my day yesterday: My friend and I started our journey into Central Park with a view of rollerskaters showing off their tricks: We then went in search of a spot we never actually found, but had a great time along the way. We walked up and down most of Central Park, and saw several musicians: After the musicians, we saw a woman who thought she was a statue (and was actually pretty convincing): We wanted to see water, so we wandered down to a pond where people were sailing miniature sail boats. The ducks decided they were jealous and tired of swimming, so they built themselves a raft: Then we took a literary tour of the park. I got to sit in Hans Christian Andersen's (one of my childhood favorites) lap and hear a story: I gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for such wonderful stories before moving on to see Alice in Wonderland and all her companions: After walking through my favorite bedtime stories, I found my future home (location is everything): We finished up in Central Park by walking into a kumsitz. We listened, sang a little, and I even got to play an egg in accompaniment. This little girl and her sisters enjoyed the music as well: After all that walking, my friend and I went and had dinner before heading back to our homes. The waiter was having a rough evening, so I drew a picture for him on the paper tablecloth. He appreciated it and had a smile on his face before we left. All in all, a great Sunday afternoon in September. Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!


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