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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Warning: Whining Below

I miss Baltimore. I miss my friends, my school and classmates, my apartment, my routine. I miss knowing how to get around (except when I got lost, but that was always an adventure, not lost) and knowing who to call to find what I need. I miss feeling like I am at home. I have been trying to enjoy myself - I have been staying busy with the friends that I have here. But I miss those people who I used to see on a regular basis, those families that I went to every week for Shabbos, like family. I miss driving my car everywhere. I am going to miss my cat so much next month when he gets his new home. I miss my old school, where I hung out with my classmates every day and we worked on assignments together. Knowing that if I forgot something, or needed help, there were plenty of people for me to turn to or e-mail with questions. Change is always hard. I know that, and that what I am feeling is normal. It's just that when I get an e-mail from a friend who I love, and I know I can't see her right now or go for a walk with her, and she is so supportive and caring, it just brings me to tears, I miss it so much. I know it takes time to ajdust, and soon I hope that I won't even think about it. But right now I just miss it. Okay, whining done. Back to your regularly scheduled, postive outlook.


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