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Friday, February 25, 2005

Acting Like a Kid

I had so much fun last night. I went out to dinner with a couple friends. Because of the big snowstorm going on, there were very few other people in the restaurant we went to. When we walked in, we were the only customers. As we sat there for over two hours, a few more people stopped by, but all in all, it was the quietest I had ever seen that particular restaurant. What's so fun about being the only customers in a restaurant, you might ask? It wasn't that it was so quiet there, that we had our pick of tables, that we basically had the cooks, waiters and cashier all to ourselves. Because of the emptiness, we felt no need to hurry through our meal. When we were finished eating, we sat back, chatted a little while, and then, we let our inner children shine through. It started innocently with writing our names using ketchup on plates. Then a salt packet found its way into the air, across the table, and in the face of one of my friends. Then inspiration struck. Straw wrappers! They fly through the air so gently, like a paper airplane. We snuck to the condiment stand and borrowed a few (or a dozen) straws from the display. Soon, we had straw wrappers all over the table, on the floor, behind our booth, and even one lucky stray found its way behind a picture on the wall. We were letting loose with full laughs, enjoying the moment of just having fun and not worrying about what anyone else thought. Was it juvenile? Yes. But you know what, who cares? Once in a great while, it is wonderful to transport yourself back to the days when having some completely innocent fun is all that matters. I will remember that night for a while. And don't worry - we cleaned up before we left.


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