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Friday, February 18, 2005


One thing that I have never been able to deal with is hypocrisy. In the past, I have lost friends over it, because when I find someone to be a hypocrite, I know that I can no longer trust them. I cringe when I hear someone tearing apart another person for something that they regularly engage in; I can't handle listening to someone decry negative attributes in others that they themselves possess. I have a coworker who has some major problems. I don't know her story that well, but I think she definitely has a hard time letting people get close to her. As such, she is constantly complaining, criticizing and kvetching about everyone and everything around her. She definitely doesn't know that you catch more flies with honey than molasses. I work down the hall from her and can hear every word that comes out of her office because she is so loud and whiny, though she feels justified in slamming her door shut or yelling at the person in the office next to her if she can hear anyone else talk. She says that everyone is always nitpicking at her work, while I have extremely rarely heard her give a compliment. She is incredibly negative and I find her extremely difficult to be around. So yesterday when she started screaming and shouting about our boss, I thought it best to stay away. She has often bad-mouthed our boss behind her back, she seems to have no problem making disparaging comments about our boss's intelligence, lack of follow-up and controlling nature. But yesterday, my coworker heard our boss complaining about her. Oh boy. According to my coworker, it is just absolutely unacceptable for anyone to criticize her to anyone else. How dare anyone make the insinuation that she is less than perfect? If she made a mistake, it was definitely someone else's fault, anyway. On and on and on I heard her yelling and screaming through the door of her office. Ranting and raving about the audacity of our boss to say anything negative about her. Hmm. I couldn't really muster a whole lot of sympathy for her. I wonder why.


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