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Monday, February 14, 2005

My Adventure

I had quite an adventure yesterday. My car was almost completely out of gas, so first thing (okay so it was almost noon, but it was Sunday) I drove to the gas station around the corner from my apartment and pulled up next to the pump. I got out of my car with just my credit card in my hand, and filled my car up with gas. I finished pumping my gas, turned around to get back in my car, and realized I had locked my keys, along with my purse and cell phone, inside the car. Now, I am not completely irresponsible. My roommate does have an extra key to my car. But of course, this was the weekend that she had decided to go out of town. I also have a special wallet key that the car dealership gave me that I keep in my purse so that if I lock my keys in the car, I still have a key with me. Except that my purse was locked in the car with my keys at the moment. I walked to the service station cashier and explained to the woman what I had done. She couldn't help me much, the service station was closed because it was Sunday. I told her that I was going to leave my car there (what else could I do), walk home and hopefully be able to find an extra key there. I walked the few minutes home, along the way realizing that not only was my car key locked in my car, so was my house key. Luckily, I am way too trustworthy, so I don't always make sure my windows are completely locked. I opened a window from the outside, and crawled into my apartment (I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed the scene). I got in my apartment, and searched up and down for an extra key. No luck. I called my roommate and asked if she had any idea where one was. Of course she knew where one was - on her keychain in New York! Oy. I have a roadside assistance service through my warranty on my car. Of course all that paperwork was inside the car. I looked up the dealership number in the phonebook, though of course they were closed on Sunday. Luckily, they had a recording with the emergency number on it. I called the emergency number and they were happy to send someone to unlock my car. All they needed was the address of where my car was. Oops. I can tell you how to get there, but I have no idea what the address is, and the gas station is on a little road that apparentely has no name. The woman on the phone was so nice - she helped me with online maps and together we figured out where the gas station was. She asked me what number they could call me back on. I told here that if I left my apartment, I couldn't be reached by phone (because, of course, my cell phone was locked in the car), so she told me that the locksmith would call me ten minutes before he reached the gas station to let me know that I should meet him. About half an hour later I get a call from the service guy telling me to meet him at the gas station. I walk over and it takes him a total of thirty seconds to get into my car. I thank him profusely and we both drive our separate ways. All in all, a pain to have to deal with, but alls well that ends well, and only an hour of wasted morning (good thing it was a Sunday). Moral of the story - be careful with your keys!


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