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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Some Random Thoughts

Haven't sorted out my thoughts into a complete post yet, so here are a few random snippets (some of these will probably turn into full posts in the near future):

- I felt like I was waking up in Alabama this morning when I heard the list of school closings on the radio and looked out the window to see that it hadn't even started snowing yet.

- Apparentely we are in for a big storm. I am concerned, because I am supposed to have a big date with Nana today - I would hate to have to cancel on that one.

- I had an interesting discussion with a friend last night about the difficulty between deciding to be yourself, even when that means that you stick out like a sore thumb, or trying to fit in. We both decided that it is important to be yourself, but that can come at a price.

- I have definitely been neglecting my creative side. My roommate came home with a coloring book and crayons last night and I can't even begin to explain how excited I was to color some Muppet Babies. I think I am due for an artistic phase of my life. Maybe I will start painting again.

- Dave Matthews rocks.

- I read the book Lovely Bones. It was interesting, and I had some thoughts that I plan on sharing one of these days soon.

- I think assigning a paper due and having an exam covering 8 chapters of an extremely dense text book on one night should be outlawed. It was not fair.

- I am feeling more important at work these days due to my boss offering to take me home in the snow and then, consequently picking me up tomorrow morning, to make absolute sure that I will be at work tomorrow to finish up some projects. Apparently, she can't bear to be without me.

Okay, that's it for the moment. Have a great day!


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