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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

You never know where encouragement is going to come from. There is a man I don't know incredibly well, but well enough to say hi and chat with every once in a while. He is a big, burly Brooklyn native, with the accent to match. Some of the stereotypes that you imagine in connection with that image are true - many are not. He was telling me a few stories the other day and before I left, he asked me to send him an e-mail. I did, and received a response from him this morning. Part of his message: "You have a lot to offer anyone, you are a beautiful and intelligent woman. You bring a smile to my face whenever I see you." Wow, what an incredible e-mail to receive! My day is a lot brighter already. It really goes to show that it only takes a few words to make someone feel really good. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day full of encouragement also!


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