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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Thoughts for the New Year

Yom Kippur is over, Succos is coming, the weather feels like fall (or colder). I would like to write a deep blog about my Yom Kippur and how inspiring it was and how I am so different now, but the truth is, I can't. While the davening was meaningful, it didn't have the effect on me that it did last year. Maybe I didn't do enough preparation for the day, I am not sure. Maybe it was the fact that at the Break-Fast that I went to I saw a guy that I dated who I think is one of the greatest guys I know, but just can't marry, and it bothers me. I am not sure. But here I am, sealed for a new year, hoping that it will bring good things. I hope that I make it through working full-time and being in school and manage to both well. Of course, I hope to find the person I will marry. But I know it is all in Hashem's hands, so I have decided that I am not going to obsessively worry about it anymore. I will take the punches as they come. I had a friend say to me right before Yom Kippur that she really values my friendship. I really value hers as well and hearing her say that really made me feel good. I had the mother of a family I am close with come up and hug me out of the blue at the Break-Fast last night. These are the moments that I hope to dwell on and cherish in the coming year. I wish everyone these wonderful moments as well.


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