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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Hurricane Isabel continued

Okay, so I can now say that I officially lived through Hurricane Isabel. While things are not back to normal yet (i.e. I still do not have power, when the heck is BGE going to get to my apartment?), I can say that I learned quite a few things from the storm already. Care for me to expound on lessons learned? Oh good. 1. I have an electric-powered water heater. Did not know that. Have always had gas-powered water heaters in the past. No electricity plus no hot water means that I have to prevail upon my extremely accomodating friends for showers. 2. Kind of a continuance of the previous - Thank G-d, I have amazing friends. Friends who have not minded the fact that I have descended upon their apartments while I am without power. I knew this before, but times of need always reiterates that point in my mind. 3. I do not tolerate not having power very well. I get whiny and cranky and like to complain a lot. I am not even quite sure why it bothers me so much. During the day, I wouldn't typically have had the lights on so much anyway, there is not so much need for them, but I just could not stay in my apartment without power. It just bothered me that I couldn't turn on the light if I wanted to. 4. Dry ice does not last that long. It does help, but only for a while. After it is gone, it is time to move the food out or junk it all. I am sure there were other lessons learned during the storm, but I will stop here. Will keep everyone updated on whether power ever comes back (I am hoping for at least before Rosh Hashanah). The next time you flick your light switch on - take a second to appreciate the fact that you can.


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