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Monday, September 22, 2003

Klutz Strikes Again

I am still without power. 84 hours and counting. But even if I don't have power, I do have a JCC membership. And the JCC does have lots of showers with lots of hot water. And I have been neglecting my JCC membership lately. I am sure my membership card has been going through withdrawal. So this morning, very early, I packed my bag with my towel, shampoo, and makeup, and headed over to the JCC to take my shower so that I didn't stink all day at work. No problem, doing fine, almost dressed and ready to go when... BANG. Slammed my temple into a piece of metal sitting there just waiting for me. So now I am going about my day, with a bump next to my eye, a bruise starting to form. My inner klutz is laughing, once again. It is telling me, "You will never grow out of this, just give up already!" What a gift to pass on to my children.


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