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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Random Musings

Okay, just some random musings today, because I am happy that it is almost the end of the week and I can home tonight before it gets dark. First, I looked up "Shoshana" on Googlism to see what it thought about me. Not all of the comments were flattering, or accurate to say the least, but it was certainly funny. Some of my favorites: shoshana is from the dc area (not too far off there) shoshana is sitting comfortably on the bed (don't I wish) shoshana is up there in "slimness" (again, don't i wish) shoshana is very generous with her time (I try) shoshana is stubborn and persistent (How did they know?) shoshana is my best friend (awww) shoshana is a font of heartfelt gift ideas shoshana is wasting the saleswoman's time I had my fun class last night, where we debate issues and try (with extremely limited success) to come to conclusions about ideas that impact life. I love this class because it really makes me think about my beliefs and it has really helped me see where Torah fits into everything that occurs in life. In class last night, we got onto the topic of differences between men and women. The majority of the class is of the belief that gender differences are based on societal expectations and that they are caused by nurture rather than nature. I have a huge problem with that. Men and women are different by nature. Of course there are always going to be some exceptions, but you can generally categorize some traits as being feminine or masculine. What society has done is told people that it is not right to generalize or treat someone different based on their gender. And I think this is a major problem with society today. Women and men have different needs, not only physically, but emotionally as well. There were only a few people in the class who agreed with me on this point. It scares me a bit. Okay, final random musing for the day. Are there people in your life that when you are around them, you just feel good? You are not sure why, but when you are with these people, you have so much fun, you are completely comfortable and yourself, and you feel that they appreciate you for who you are. I have two friends who I feel that way about. I saw them both last night and it made my day. Happy Thursday.

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